Rubicon Industrial Design

‘from concept
to reality ...’

Ronald A. MacPhee, MCSD
Rubicon Industrial Design
12 Laundry Court
Northway, Newbury
Berkshire, RG14 7FL

mobile: 07786 336757
skype: ronmacphee

About Rubicon Industrial Design

Project Briefing

Rubicon Industrial Design works closely with a client to define and clarify the brief for a project. A briefing typically defines the target specification for the product or component to be designed. It is an accepted fact that approximately 90% of a product/projects costs are set the moment a brief is written and the subsequent concept generated.

Once a brief is defined Rubicon Industrial Design generates a detailed Proposal for a client to review. The Proposal identifies what the task is, design costs, time-scales, responsibilities, strategic decision points, target specifications and deliverables, so at the start of the design process both the client and designer fully understand what is required of the final production ready design. Projects are normally divided into two or three design phases, each phase is defined by a written Proposal.


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