Rubicon Industrial Design

‘from concept
to reality ...’

Ronald A. MacPhee, MCSD
Rubicon Industrial Design
12 Laundry Court
Northway, Newbury
Berkshire, RG14 7FL

mobile: 07786 336757
skype: ronmacphee

Interpreter and Delegate Panels - single
Interpreter and Delegate Panels dual
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Product Design: Interpreter and Delegate Panels

A range of Interpreter and Delegate units for use in Government and Council debating chambers.

The main objectives of this project were to generate a high quality aesthetic whilst using low volume production techniques, i.e. NC sheet metal work and machined parts. In addition a range of ‘off the shelf’ components were sourced for integration into the assemblies.

Common chassis part designs, lower casing work and upper panels created an economic and attractive range. Button, rotary knobs and light guides were all designed by Rubicon Industrial Design.

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