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Ronald A. MacPhee, MCSD
Rubicon Industrial Design
12 Laundry Court
Northway, Newbury
Berkshire, RG14 7FL

mobile: 07786 336757
skype: ronmacphee

Complex Hand Dryer Injection Mouldings
Complex Hand Dryer Injection Mouldings - parts
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Product Design: Complex Hand Dryer Injection Mouldings

Rubicon Industrial Design has done 5 major projects for this client that are entirely engineering based requiring in-depth knowledge of injection moulding, tooling and assessment of international safety standards. The projects range from miniature clusters of LED’s and extrusions for lift door sensing strips, through to correcting other design consultancies work previously undertaken for the client!

The main moulding of the above assembly has a tool that splits in 5 different directions and the six associated components all clip together, i.e. no costly screws, straps or glues!

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